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War & Peace
at the Project Space
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War & Peace in Detail
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Performance War & Peace
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Seoul 2010

War & Peace

Velvet, cotton, viscose, partly stitched, metal weavings, metal fringes, plastic & metal objects attached

WAR & PEACE is based on a black crocheted jacket (ready made) with long sleeves that remind of a chain-armour. The front is split into two sides WAR covers right PEACE is found on the left.

The WAR side contains a scary, evil face with a sobbing mouth, screaming. This scream kills freedom, shelter, food, live, love - everything.

The peace side symbolizes the fight of light against the dark, the hard work of peacekeeping and the heart that should always beat for "the right thing". The rose on the left shoulder is a symbol for love and pureness. The stem of the rose winds up into the spine; which means that one needs a strong backbone too avoid and fight against all negative and harmful influences and seductions like jealousy, envy, greed and hate.
The backside is also split in two parts.

The left side has the word WAR stitched in red crocheted letters the little metal crosses are symbols for the victims of (religious) wars.
The right side has the word PEACE woven and knotted into the sleeve in yellow letters. The yellow application with the metal weavings on top stands for a vulnerable spot, detectable by enemies.

In The Nibelungenlied (translated as The Song of the Nibelungs) Siegfried, after killing the dragon, bathed in its blood, which rendered him invulnerable. Unfortunately for Siegfried, a leaf fell onto his back from a linden tree, and the small patch of skin that the leaf covered did not come into contact with the dragon's blood, leaving Siegfried vulnerable in that single spot.

I have deliberately chosen a partly rough and raw technique for my work, to especially call the beholders attention too the devastating brutality of WAR.

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